PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS – Monday 27th February 2017

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Registration and Morning Networking

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Workshop A: Best Practices for the Successful Launch and Implementation of a Shared Service Business Model

Mathias von Bescherer, Vice President - Operations Asia Pacific, Avnet Technology Solutions
Where to start on the journey of planning and launching a shared service from scratch?
By ensuring the alignment of shared services goals to organisational strategy, the unrealised value of shared services can be unlocked and leveraged to the benefit of all stakeholders.
In this session, you will explore the following areas that were key to your SS success:
• How to successfully standardise and streamline transactional processes
• Identifying and documenting what is required by technology to ensure you select the right technology at first instance
• Choosing the right location for your shared service
• Developing culture change around how business partners see HR and the HR ticketing system
• How to recruit and retain staff with the right skill sets to ensure long term success of your SS Developing a strong continuous improvement culture and seeing process improvements as an opportunity for scalability and growth

Mathias von Bescherer

Vice President - Operations Asia Pacific
Avnet Technology Solutions

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Shared Services Centre Transformation Case Study: Acquiring Higher Value Roles, Building Structures to Stabilise Process and Organisation, and Enhancing Risk Orientation

Jojo Aquino, Executive Program Manager, Senior Consultant, Philippine Universal Bank
In this session, you will discuss the following elements from an actual transformation
  • Managing the transformation program: establish the objectives, metrics, and program management
  • Moving the shared service center towards higher value roles: a multi-pronged communication, skilling, and credibility building
  • Stabilising the base: resources, processes, and process improvement
  • Enhanced risk management: build organisation, processes, and culture towards risk awareness, transparency, and reduction

Jojo Aquino

Executive Program Manager, Senior Consultant
Philippine Universal Bank

3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Workshop C: Resolving Conflicts and Fostering Collaboration Among Different Functions to Drive the Business as One

Pratap G, Senior Director HR, Maersk GSC, Maersk
Have you ever faced conflicts led by undefined responsibility ownership? Do you find departmental silos hard to break through? In transformation, with shifting responsibilities and changing structures, grey areas of management and new silos may form. As the leader, if you don’t address these areas timely and properly, your plan to transform your organization may not progress smoothly. The process of transformation demands that leaders adapt their communication style and methods for their message to be understood clearly. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to avoid the conflicts at the beginning, cultivate healthy collaboration and tear down departmental silos.
Key learning areas include:
• Building the right function structure with clear responsibilities and service level agreements
• Cultivating team culture to engage the three pillars and work together like one team
• Setting up relevant KPIs to track cross-functional work
• Developing a holistic communication strategy to guide your organization through change
• Fostering a collaborative culture and improved working relationships

Pratap G

Senior Director HR, Maersk GSC

4:00 PM - 6:00 PM Workshop D: Making Effective Data Analytics Happen Within your SSC

Arati Desai, Head Business Excellence - Global Delivery Centre, TATA Motors Ltd.
63% of SSCs claim that they are already using data analytics to improve their processes, whilst 75% of SSOs say business intelligence activities are ramping up either within their captive or outsourcing strategy. However, while there are some really innovative examples of analytics, many SSC’s are having difficulty in articulating what a systematic approach to data analytics might look like, or indeed, why shared services should be leading the agenda for this activity. This workshop illustrates via some fantastic case studies, how you can build a data analytics strategy within your SSC.
Key learning areas include:
• What is the right timing for a SS to embark on its analytics journey
• How to get (and continue to get) senior management attention?
• What should be the resourcing strategy for the team building
• How do we demonstrate on-going value of data and analytics to the ‘C’ level
• Sample analytical areas in Finance and HR function

Arati Desai

Head Business Excellence - Global Delivery Centre
TATA Motors Ltd.

5:00 PM - 5:59 PM End of the workshops