28 February - 1 March, 2017
Four Points by Sheraton Singapore, Riverview, Singapore , Singapore

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Planning and Launching Shared Services

This event is designed for those practitioners planning and launching a shared services centre and will address step-by-step how you can reduce cost, maintain business continuity and manage change. Download the full agenda now.

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Getting and Keeping Support - A Presentation by Nigel Smith - ING Global Services & Operations Inc.

At SSOW Philippines, Nigel Smith, President and CEO of ING Global Services & Operations Inc. shared key ways to get and keep support for SSO initiatives. Download his presentation slides for more information on Risk Management, Structuring a Winning Business Case, Organizational Influence and Trust Model and more.

Mid-Market Report - How APAC SMEs are using SSO

SSO is known as an effective way to achieve cost-efficiency. But looking at it from a broader perspective, it is clear that the benefits go far beyond cost reduction. It is also an effective strategy to deal squarely with the challenges faced by APAC SMEs. This article looks at some...

Overcoming Challenges During the First Three Years

Whilst the transition to shared services offers companies improvements in cost savings, efficiency and value creation, it also poses significant disruption to business continuity. The greatest risk comes during the first 3 years of set-up, when the business and the SSC become accustomed to new systems, processes and crucially see...

Setting Up a Successful HR Shared Services Center and Achieving Transformation

Joseph Chan from Schindler shares tips on setting up a successful HR shared services center. Topics discussed include Operational Efficiency Improvement, State of Being an SSC Leader, Setting Up A Project Support Structure, Team Mobilization & Dynamics and more

SSON Guidebook to Managing Millennials

This helpful guidebook from SSON shares tips on how to manage millenials! Covering the hottest topics including What do millenials want? Attracting and Retaining Talent, Motivating millenials, Coaching best practices

The Essential Steps to Get Your Shared Services Implementation Right

As with most projects, there are essential steps to success. Based on his extensive experience launching shared service centres around the world, John Kirk has compiled what he believes to be the essential steps, as well as the factors that make the difference between success and failure.

A Toolkit for Successfully Planning and Launching Shared Services

During research for the Planning and Launching Shared Services Summit 2017, we received some requests for help in designing, managing, measuring, and benchmarking for shared services. Many of these requests relate to business process outsourcing, where the integration of a third party can cause concerns regarding processes management and control....

Top 20 mistakes to avoid when implementing Shared Services

SSON reached out to some of the biggest names in shared services and outsourcing globally, to get their take on the most common - and potentially most devastating - mistakes companies make when setting up shared service organisations. The result: the Top 20 Mistakes Made When Implementing Shared Services. It’s...

Jargon Buster: A guide to common terms and acronyms in SSO

How often do you take part in meetings, or receive a memo, where the acronyms are flying about like confetti? If you need a glossary to fight your way through a conversation around services delivery – here's help: A compilation of keywords, acronyms and general terminology we often use and...

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2017 Profiling Report: Planning and Launching of Shared Services Centres in Asia

In this report, we compile the findings from our latest survey of organisations that are planning to launch a new shared services centre in the next 2-3 years or have recently launched a shared services centre.